TENSET Develops a System to Link Cryptocurrencies with the Stock Market and Traditional Payments

February 5, 2021·3 min read

LONDON, UK / February 5, 2021

A group of Poles has developed the concept of a second-generation ETF that can change the cryptocurrency market, and connect it with the traditional stocks as well. Their deflation token combines the advantages of a traditional stock exchange and the cryptocurrency market. The concept is called TENSET (10set).

TENSET is promoted as an “aggressively Deflationary Token” containing ETF 2.0 elements and at the same time a bold concept of the company’s operation on a similar basis to the hedge fund. It looks like an interesting hybrid that may turn out to be an attractive solution for a modern investor.

In simple words TENSET technology includes:

  • Staking
  • Deflation
  • Scarcity
  • A bridge between cryptocurrencies and traditional markets

TENSET developed a solution that makes it possible to provide a higher, stable return on investment term by placing their funds in only one asset, representing all purchased in the basket. Selected cryptocurrencies are also generating income.

What is definitely worth mentioning TENSET is a deflationary token with an absorption mechanism embedded that gives an ever-increasing price floor while removing tokens from the circulating supply. This means the perpetually rising price floor will always support tokens’ value.

1% of each transaction or transfer will be redistributed among existing holders, and another 1% will be automatically burned. Implemented reflect finance protocol, automatically distributes rewards between 10set hodlers without any additional app.

The whole smartcontract concept is already working and was tested by almost 2000 transactions from Polish investors.

All these assumptions are currently completing but TENSET has one more big thing on the radar. If people follow their road map they can see that company is working on “know-how” to build the “bridge” between traditional market and digital and bring traditional investors into the crypto space. One is sure. These guys have perfect timing. Why? Because 2 days ago VISA declare their participation in crypto space. According to TENSET Whitepaper, people can see that TENSET is already ready for them.

TENSET promotes itself as a well-thought-out, stable project with great potential for the future. He is primarily characterized by innovation and a good understanding of transformations taking place on the market. The TENSET project definitely stands out from the newly emerging startups. The idea that the company offers seems to be an ideal solution in times of mass reprinting of money and galloping inflation.

Currently, TENSET is conducting the PRESALE phase dedicated to Poland. They managed to achieve a national record in Poland by collecting 500 ETH in just 24 hours! Check more on their official site TENSET

Social Links

Facebook: https://m.facebook.com/TENSETio/
Twitter: twitter.com/TENSET_io
Telegram group Poland: https://t.me/TENSET_io
Telegram group Global: https://t.me/TENSET_io_eng
Github: https://github.com/TENSETIO/TENSET

Media contact

Contact: Jonasz Miara C
E-mail: marketing@TENSET.io
Telephone: +44 506654904
Website: https://TENSET.io/
Address: 148 Ibsley Gardens SW15 4NG, London, GB


Source : Yahoo! Money



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The World’s first deflationary token that combines dividend shares with best cryptocurrency projects. More Info : https://linktr.ee/10SET